Intention to establish

Intention to establish

Founding statement

The rapid progress of advanced technologies such as IoT, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data in recent years is bringing unprecedented possibilities to all areas of society. It is strongly hoped that the appropriate use of that power will solve various issues facing our country and open up prospects for realizing a rich future society. In addition, the business environment surrounding companies is also changing dramatically. It is no longer possible for the companies to be able to stay competitive simply by pursuing improvements in isolated product performance and services. Now is the era when it is required that products and services are strongly integrated and work together to create new added value.。
It is the “system” that plays an important role in this age of digital transformation. The “system” always appears as an issue when connecting things with things, things with people, technology and society. And many of them are required to be sophisticated systems that integrate many complex elements and organizations, perform various functions, satisfy many stakeholders, and evolve with the changing environment. Behind the emergence of new business models there is always construction of new advanced and excellent systems, and in that sense the driving factor of digital transformation is the ability of systemization to design, build and operate systems. br /> Unfortunately, Japan is immature compared to the West in this ability. The barriers are Japan’s technology culture that respect strongly the in-depth cultivation of elemental technology, experience of the overwhelming victory of the manufacturing of the past experiences that have brought great benefits, and the vertical division that dominates society as a whole. They are responsible for the fail of Japanese industry to keep up with the shift in added value from elements to systems is the current technology. We will create an industry-led System Innovation Center with the aim of achieving the following goals.

[1] While taking advantage of Japan’s strength in elemental technology, we will achieve productivity improvement and innovation throughout manufacturing, service, and management focusing on systemization, and recover an international competitiveness thorough system innovation.
[2] We will consider measures for realizing the ultra-smart society from the viewpoint of systems, make recommendations for necessary measures, and construct concrete social systems that would be the framework and the common foundations as a joint work of expert group.
[3] Develop new types of human resources who are familiar with system thinking, system construction, and system operation at each level and field of management, technology, and service under close cooperation between industry and academia. Through this, we aim to improve the literacy of systemization in member companies.
[4] Create human and technical networks of companies, organizations and institutions interested in systemization across industry, government, and academia, and provide opportunities for new markets that are difficult to realize individually, and through them we support the creation of new “system business”.
[5] Establish close links with oversea companies and research institutes that aim to develop systems, and participate in international effort in system innovation.
[6] Continuously review the socio-economic and technological trends surrounding the system and solve new issues related to system innovation.

We will ask for your approval and support from all concerned parties. Please refer to the [Business Plan] for details.

Promoters from Industry
Shinichi Urakawa (Director, Managing Executive Officer, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.)
Hironori Kamezawa (Director, Managing Executive Officer, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.)
Tsuyoshi Kitani (Director, Managing Executive Officer, CTO, NTT DATA Corporation)
Gil Pratt (CEO, Toyota Research Institute) (Fellow、Toyota Motor Corporation) 
Yutaka Saito (Vice President and Executive Officer, Fanuc Corporation)
Taro Shimada (Toshiba Corporation Corporate Digital Business Manager)
Katsunori Tanizaki (Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) 
Shota Hattori (President and CEO, KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc.) 
Mitsuo Hitomi (Managing Executive Officer, Senior Technology Development Fellow, Mazda Motor Corporation) 
Masahiro Fujita (Managing Executive Officer, Head of Development Division, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) 
Hidenori Furuta (Executive Officer Senior CTO / CIO, Fujitsu Limited)
Yoshio Murata (Managing Executive Officer, Nomura Research Institute)
Keiichi Mori (Director, Managing Executive Officer, KDDI Corporation, Deputy General Manager, Solution Business Group and General Manager, Business IoT Promotion Division) 
Daisuke Yamada (Mizuho Financial Group Senior Managing Executive Officer) 

Promoters from Academy
Hidenori Kimura (Distinguished Research Professor, Waseda University )
Kazuo Kyuma (President of National Agriculture and Food Research Organization) (前内閣府総合科学技術・イノベーション会議常勤議員)
Shinobu Yoshimura (Vice President of the University of Tokyo in charge of Industry-University Liaison)

Prospectus PDF

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List of Promoters

In Japanese alphabetical Order

  Nomination Affiliations Position Remarks
Industry Shinichi Urakawa Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. Director, Managing Executive Officer             
Hironori Kamezawa Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Director, Managing Executive Officer             
Tsuyoshi Kitani NTT DATA Corporation Director, Managing Executive Officer, CTO             
Gil Pratt Fellow、Toyota Motor Corporation CEO, Toyota Research Institute             
Yutaka Saito Fanuc Corporation Vice President and Executive Officer             
Taro Shimada Toshiba Corporation Corporate Digital Business Manager             
Katsunori Tanizaki Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer             
Shota Hattori KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc. President and CEO             
Mitsuo Hitomi Mazda Motor Corporation Managing Executive Officer, Senior Technology Development Fellow             
Masahiro Fujita Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Managing Executive Officer, Head of Development Division             
Hidenori Furuta Fujitsu Limited Executive Officer Senior CTO / CIO             
Yoshio Murata Nomura Research Institute Managing Executive Officer             
Keiichi Mori KDDI Corporation Managing Executive Officer             
Daisuke Yamada Mizuho Financial Group Senior Managing Executive Officer
Academy Hidenori Kimura Waseda University Distinguished Research Professor             
Kazuo Kyuma National Agriculture and Food Research Organization President             
Shinobu Yoshimura The university of Tokyo Vice President in charge of industry-University Liaison             

List of Promoters

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History of Establishment

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