Director greetings

Director greetings

Greetings from the appointment of the director


I have just been appointed the first director of the System Innovation Center (SIC), and I am truly in feeling of tightness. In the future, we hope that we will work with all our might so that the Center will become a core entity towards systemization in various fields and sectors.

Now, aiming at a sustainable society, changing society from the viewpoint of people-centered “Koto” is a common goal of international society represented by SDGs. We observe the growing expectation for advanced digital technology in every field of society that is able to transform the society and bring unprecedented possibilities of changes in all areas of society.
In addition, in the business field, disruptive innovation that offers unprecedented services using cutting-edge digital technology and various data has started, and emerging IT companies such as the United States and China now. As you already know, they create new business ecosystems and destroy global and traditional business ecosystems using data as a resource.
The digital transformation and disruptive innovation currently in progress in society and industry rely not only the core technology and know-how, but the “system” that realizes such “Koto” is the core technology and idea. It is no exaggeration to say that system itself is a technology source of competitiveness.
And, taking advantage of the characteristics of digitization and providing optimal customized services to each user in a new form, which we can call the realization of such new “Koto”, goes beyond conventional perspectives. From the perspective of the whole, across industries, each field, related parties with various “knowledge”, cross-sectional collaboration with related departments is required. Making full use of its various technologies, know-how, etc. an enabling approach, the so-called “open innovation” and “systemization”, are needed.

In order to contribute to the transformation to a better society and the transformation to a competitive company, the Center aims to create a common open innovation place, which is indispensable to the realization of such excellent systems. We intend to create an environment in which we can work towards the realization of systems innovations, while integrating various knowledge possessed by the academic community and industry from a common viewpoint of systems. In addition to solving the various issues that society and participating companies face, including the promoting the literacy necessary for “systemization” and human resource development that lead to excellent systemization, We would like to provide support for the creation of the next-generation “system” that leads to future development
Together with the members, I would like to enhance the activities of this center to contribute to the realization of various “systems” that will lead the digital society for the future. Thank you for your guidance and support.

Director  Yutaka Saito   January 2019