Center activities

Center activities

1. Center’s activities

The Center will carry out the following activities under the operation of the Executive Committee towards system innovation in companies and society. Specifically, we will set up WGs and activities.

(1) Support for corporate system innovation

With rapid progress of advanced technology, existing business models will be destroyed in the blink of an eye, in the age of digital transformation. it is becoming difficult for companies to stay competitive with the strengths of their products and services alone. Therefore, we provide the following support to member companies as a systemization of the center.

・Study session to share information for problem solution of systematization that member companies hold
・Implementation of individual consultations in which a wide range of “Academic Council” members give closed advice and support on individual issues of member companies 
・Providing opportunities for creating collaborative businesses across companies and industries

(2) Support for system innovation in society

the efforts towards specific social implementation (in action from what to how) of systems have already progressed in Industriy 4.0 and IIC (Industry Internet Consortium), etc., Japan has remained at a concept-level approach.
In this center, under the cooperation of member companies, we will concentrate on the construction of social systems beyond companies. In particular, we will focus on the following issues.

 ・Formulation of long-term road map for realization of Society 5.0 etc.
 ・Formation of grand design including the structure of industrial accompanying the creation of system industry. 
 ・Drawing a scenario (blueprint) connected to concrete social implementation of excellent systems and for submission to Government.
In addition, we will consider the implementation of Proof of Concept (POC) to verify the social implementation.

(3) Human resource development

Fundamentals as systematization human resources required for system innovation are roughly divided into the following three.
A:System Thinking 
B:System Science and Technology (Foot Note 1)
C:Rich Experience in Systemtization (Basic for System construction in each field)
(Note 1) You may not hear the word “System Science and Technology”, but JST The system science unit of the Research and Development Strategy Center is defined as a discipline that integrates system science and system technology.

While there is growing social interest in A, the scale and complexity of the system are rapidly increasing, and now the weight of B is extremely large. A full-fledged understanding of systems science and technology, including data science, forecasting and optimization, is becoming a state of success and failure of system construction. C is the foundation including practical experience of system construction.
Figure 1 is a conceptual diagram showing the relationship between Japan’s issues and goals and system science and technology. The first layer is a concept listing of the goals that system innovation aims for in the manufacturing, management, and social sectors.
The fundamental technology of the third layer shows the current field of system science and technology as a seed. The second tier enabler lists the various methods and tools that connect the first tier goals and the third tier seeds, and the rapid development of this field addresses the growing need for systemization.
We will establish a systematized human resource development program to connect these three elements in a three-in-one basis, and provide education to acquire the basics of A, B, and C as described above.

Human resource development

Abbreviation)IBP:Integrated Business Planning
Figure 1 The structure of Systems Science and Technology and the problems of Japan

In addition, we carry out the following as activities to support the main operations of the center.
(1) Establishment of the system group
(2) Collaboration with foreign countries
(3) Implementation of the forum
(4) Systematization research with textbook production as an exit
(5) Public relations and enlightenment activities
(6) Collaboration with external organizations

2. Executive Committee System and Activity Theme

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